HARD SCIENCE shares highlights from basic biomedical research that either takes place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  School of Medicine or is somehow related to work performed here.  This blog also will consider broader issues and points of view related to science. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the blog’s manager and writer.

The blog is written and managed by Les Lang at the UNC Medical Center News Office.

About comments:

We welcome your comments but reserve the right to edit them, as a mainstream newspaper would. However, it’s highly unlikely that we will, and when we do we’ll say so.

Meanwhile, we will not approve spam or comments that are vulgar, threatening or totally irrelevant.

Comments from others within UNC must be relevant to the post and the commentators are asked to identify themselves.

About the banner photo:      A cultured vascular cell, stained in green for palladin and in red for actin microfilaments. Palladin “decorates” the actin bundles and plays a role in organizing the filaments.   Photo credit:  the Otey lab, dept. of cell and molecular physiology, UNC School of Medicine.


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